Wednesday, March 12, 2014

B. Stackadoos -Our Current Favorite Toy

Keegan received these bristle blocks as a gift this past Christmas and lately he can’t get enough.  You can find them, here!  He loves to bring visitors over to his play table to build the B. Stackadoos.  Grandpa likes to build cars and tall buildings, Daddy likes to build silly stuff like eyeglasses, Keegan just likes to stack, and Mommy tries to teach while playing (What else is new, mom?!?!)

Somebody was thinking when they made these!! They are completely different from traditional blocks, but still give that sense of constructing and building.  It’s something different and something that everyone can enjoy, young and old.  I believe it really builds creativity and lets the imagination soar!  Keegan will see us building something and he'll mimic what we are doing or what we are using it for, for example, a pair of eyeglasses, and NERD ALERT, I make a wand and say a spell from Harry Potter.  Keegan gets a total kick out of it, and tries to say the spell with the wand he made himself (if he's not laughing too hard in the process!) Too precious!

Lately, we’ve been using our imaginations with them:  
 (An mini basketball hoop that is identical to Keegans)

(A train.... kind of.. Choo Choo!)

..And the Very Hungry Caterpillar!! One of our favorite books! I made this during nap time as a surprise for Keegan when he got up. 

There's really so much more you could do with these, or they could just be your go-to building blocks.  Any way you are looking to use them, I would recommend! They come in neat colors and the cutest container! 

Do any of you have B. Bristle Block Stackadoos floating around your house?  What was the craziest thing you've built with them? Let me know!!

Have a great Wednesday! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Colors and Rainbows

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day and learning colors I decided we’d do a simple and quick craft today.  This got Keegan’s artistic and learning gears going for a little bit.. enough to distract us from The Lorax for fifteen minutes.  He loves the songs and only watches the first five minutes of the movie, but begs to have it put in the DVD player.  I have been singing the songs for the past 5 days… Last thing I think of before I go to bed and first thing that pops into my head in the morning is those songs.  Does anyone know how many times I have to replay this movie before I go insane?  Can it be summer yet?

…On to the craft! 

Last night I cut out some half circle shapes in the order of the rainbow-  red being the biggest, purple the smallest…… you know….

I first grabbed some puzzles and books that showed rainbows and showed them to Keegan, explained how they are made up of all these different colors and how they show up in the sky sometimes after it rains (just to introduce them)

The craft is pretty self-explanatory, but  I'll share, regardless :)
(I left out the color, indigo for now, just trying to keep it simple for a 23 month old.)
I got a blue piece of card stock and told him we’d use that as the sky and we can paint the clouds on!!! He loves to paint, so this was a hit…
Then I laid out the half circles and asked him to hand me the red one, orange one, etc.  We glued them on with a glue stick…He liked to help with that part.
No-brainer here, but we used cotton balls to make clouds underneath the rainbow.  Then we sang a song that we heard on Mickey Mouse about the rainbow: “Red, Orange, Yellow-Green-Blue! Don’t forget there’s Purple, too!”
So simple, but it was a different way to practice colors and to learn about rainbows.

Have you done any rainbow crafts that have been a hit with you child?
Let me know!

Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

You will probably see plenty of Dr. Seuss posts today and tomorrow, but my goodness, why not celebrate the genius?!

We are having a Dr. Seuss themed weekend!

We started out our day with a yummy, yet gross looking, breakfast of green eggs and ham on toast.  Of course! Why would we not?! I know, so original over here…
yummm.... lol

Our Seuss book lineup for the day are:

The Foot Book – This was my favorite Dr. Seuss book as a kid I still remember trying to count the “twenty-four feet”.  My counting NEVER resulted with the number twenty-four and I insisted they illustrated wrong……. Anyways, this book is SO fun and full of rhymes & opposites and it is also so easy to memorize which makes for the perfect book to keep your kid occupied when they wake at the crack of dawn. You can read it with both your eyes and the blinds still shut!!! And I assure you I am speaking from experience.

The Cat in the Hat – this book is just pure awesome and is the very thing I think of when Dr. Seuss comes to mind.  It is pretty long for a toddler, so unless they are super sleepy, don’t expect them to sit through this book.  That is why it is on naptime duty.  If we try to read it any other time, Keegan goes into full fish mode “put me down, said the fish, this is no fun at all”
Despite that, I think he likes it :)

Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You?
I honestly never read this until I bought it for Keegan from Santa for his first Christmas.  What a fun book of rhymes and sounds!  I have always read this book in a singsong, silly voice, and from the very beginning, Keegan could not get enough! His little legs would kick and he would just get so excited! 
Also an easy one to memorize.. cha-ching, but of course, if you are a mom you probably already have 10 billion other books memorized too, am I right?!
***Sidenote- Sometimes, Keegan likes to hand me a book to read out loud while he sits beside me and pages through his own book.  When I’m reading Mr. Brown and get to “He can sound like the hand on a door, Knock Knock!”  Keegan will reach his hand over to the book without taking his eyes off his book, knock on Mr. Brown, and return to paging through his own book like no big deal.. it is so funny and I have to hold back a giggle!

As for movie time, which is all the time here, anymore, we are watching The Lorax (Dad’s fav) and Horton Hears a Who (my fav) is it just me, or is that elephant so funny?

I had all plans of making our own family foot book but Keegan has what the doctor believes to be Roseola.  We can still do it when he feels better, though and I'm looking forward to it!  But for now, its cuddles with Mama and we all know how rare those are :)

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss, tomorrow!
Make sure to have lots of good fun that is funny!!!