Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Toy Car Wash

We had a wonderful and busy Easter weekend and have an important weekend coming up:  a special little boy is turning three!!!  I did choose a Dr. Seuss themed party but it’s not going to be anything huge and spectacular, just enough to get Keegan excited over the theme.   Here’s a family picture from Sunday… super windy and cold.  Looking forward to warmer days.

I wanted to share an activity we have been using as a speech therapy tool -> our very own Car Wash!  Matchbox size, only ;) 

 I had no real directions to making it, I kind of just came up with the idea from a shoebox and tweaked it as I went, so there are no directions but you can use it as inspiration for your own design! I also just looked on Pinterest and they have some pretty cool ones floating around!

The only rule for this car wash is that the cars have to pay with “tickets.”  The tickets that we use are speech therapy flash cards, which have a picture of an object or action and its name.  Keegan must say the word on the card before the car can go down his track and into the water to get washed and go through the actual station.  This has been one of my more successful attempts at mommy speech therapy which I’m thankful for because this car wash didn’t just come together in a couple minutes ;)
I used a wrapping paper roll as spinners to spin sponges around, which comes in contact with the car making it spin through the wash without manually pushing it through yourself.  You would be in control of the rolls, they can go back and forth and around in circles, letting you control how to push the car.
I’m hoping it’s something that Keegan will appreciate as he gets older, and who knows, maybe I'll end up tweaking it a bit more, right now he just likes to "wash" the car then watch me spin it through!
Here's a short video on how it works:
Sorry for the awful, fast-paced, zoomed-in quality, it was a one-lady show... everyone was in bed and apparently I am clueless on the proper way to upload videos to a blog.......... ;)  Always something to learn!

Anyways, we have so much fun with this and I’m so looking forward to the weekend and celebrating the most special person in my life!