Monday, August 17, 2015

What We’ve Been Up To:

Last weekend we went to a Reading Phillies game, courtesy of Mike’s dad who got tickets.  What a fun night!! Keegan cheered and danced when the crowed went wild, got an autograph from the mascot, ate lots of ball game food and watched beautiful fireworks- the perfect night for a kid!  

 This past weekend we went with Grandma and Grandpa to the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum at the Reading Regional Airport, talk about a dream come true for my little boy.  First we walked through a hanger that had a bunch of planes and then we went outside to see the planes they had displayed out there.  These were near the runway so from where we were standing, Keegan was able to see some planes take off – his reactions were indescribable! He even got a few waves from some pilots and a special little plane to take home.  We definitely need to take another trip very soon.
At both places, Keegan had the time of his life!  Isn’t it so amazing to see things through the eyes of your child?  It makes everything that much more enjoyable.  I also find myself paying attention to him more than what we’re experiencing – just seeing him have so much joy and excitement about things makes me teary eyed!  Love to see him having fun and experiencing life, I could watch him smile for hours! Seriously, I'm a sappy mom and I love it.  

We also did some (preschool, what?) school shopping, which honestly was primarily through second hand stores.  You can find some awesome and stylish clothes out there for next to nothing, plus they play hard at preschool and need to be able to pull up their own pants (elastic band) so gently used is fine by me!  Also, I’ve been trying to come up with a teaching schedule for school and Sunday School related things for Keegan incase preschool doesn’t work out…… Am I freaking out enough about this school thing or what….. ? :)

Keegan has also developed a liking for not listening… a phase I hope…. And I also hope it passes before preschool starts. (Life isn't always sunny skies, here! ;) )

Swimming and playing and reading and relaxing are always on our to-do lists, but one of the best surprises this past week was getting all of our wedding pictures back!!! I must post them soon. 

Have a fabulous week!  

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