Thursday, September 17, 2015

Our Wedding

To Mike,

I'm forever grateful for the years you and I have spent together and am so excited to see where this life takes us as husband and wife. How wonderful to think that God gave me you.  He let us cross paths right when I needed you the most, right when I felt least deserving of anyone like you- someone who is noble, stable, giving and trustworthy when it comes to a relationship.

I vow to never take you for granted, to always appreciate the way you live your life dedicated to Keegan and me, to always make sure your needs are cared for in the same, selfless way you care for mine, and to never fail to love you unconditionally. 

You are quite simply, my rock, my biggest fan and my number one supporter.  You believe in me and my wishes and goals, you strive to always make me feel happy and important and you are the reason I feel safe, secure and loved.  You are the definition of loyal, loving, dedicated and hardworking, everything a man, husband and father should be.  The effort you put into making your family your top priority is one of the most special qualities you have. 

I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate you.  You are the best partner I could have ever imagined and I'm beyond blessed that we get to do this married life together. Thank you for being the love of my life.  

P.S. I've never seen you look more handsome 

.. ( well,  except for maybe softball uniform season ;) ) I love you!

Beautiful Pictures by: Stesha Whitney Photography

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Preschool for the Win!

Honestly, all my worries and reservations about preschool seem so pointless and miniscule now that the first two weeks have passed us without tears.  I am so pleased with this outcome and could not be any more thankful.. fingers crossed for a wonderful year!
We made these cookies the day before preschool started,  as a snack for after the day was done.. A fool proof way to get him excited!
Keegan's first day went very well, and by that, I mean no tears when I left ;)  There were tears from Mommy as I was driving away but, hey, that is just a given.  The only time Keegan became upset was on the first day when it was time to put the toys away and join circle time.  Poor guy just loved all the new toys to play with! Lol Since that day though, there has been no trouble transitioning from activity to activity, and I even got a report today that transition to circle time was independent after clean up, meaning no coercing from the teachers to get him to come over.  

When I picked him up the first day, the only question he answered was what he ate for snack... "Cheese and Milk".. I acted excited but..... yuck.  Supposedly there were options of watermelon, cookies and cheese, but he only wanted cheese and milk, soooo... ;)

Keegan's therapist shortened her days coming to the house to a half hour a week, but she also spends a half hour or so at school on Thursdays to help bridge any gaps the teachers have with his speech and to help him with speaking to other kids (repeats what she believes he's saying.)  At this age, it is mainly parallel play but a lot of these kids are chatterboxes!  I cried happy tears while reading the first report I got back from his therapist about him interacting and speaking and playing with the other kids because that's what I was worried about the most!  Sometimes he is so reserved around new children and people and will often put his head down when people ask him a question.  I couldn't be more happy that it doesn't seem to be the case in school.
I've watched his every beat these past three years, I wish I could just peek through the window and watch him all morning.  *Crazy Mom*  I so love that our therapist is now my fly on the wall and reports back with what he played with, how he played, with whom he played with and my favorite, how he sang along and interacted during circle time!!!  Couldn't be more proud of him and I'm so excited to see where this school year takes his speech and confidence!!  

Some exciting speech realated things: Keegan's stutter has subsided for now (that was probably due to an abundance of new words into his speaking vocabulary and he just couldn't keep up fast enough .. pretty common with speech-kids like himself) and he has spoken his first sentence.. A question-sentence at that!!! He does a lot of "where" questions like "Where my 'pu-er' at?"  (computer, aka leap pad) "Where Bear go?" etc. Small but HUGE steps for my big boy!!

Thanks for everyone's reassuring and helpful words during the stressful days leading up to pre-school.  It was much needed and appreciated at that time.

Last minute laugh: I try to make an exciting breakfast for him on school days to make the day extra fun, and since I made this..
..he wants pancakes for every meal!  Fine by me ;)

Have an awesome weekend!