To start off at the beginning of it all, Mike and I "met" on a beach trip with mutual friends the summer of 2010.  We had known OF each-other but honestly, neither of us really knew anything about the other.  Let's just say during (and after) the beach trip, we were inseparable! 

(Summer 2010)

I was still a student at a nearby university, so we lived for our weekends together.  The next summer, after months of bliss, we received some news that would rock our world.. we were expecting!  Keegan was born April of 2012 and what an adventure we have been on since then.   

 (Fall 2013)

Mike is wonderful and although we struggle, he supports my decision to stay at home with our son.  I started this blog to show what's it's like to live a life at home: to teach, to play, to create and have fun with the little that we have!

Any parent knows what I mean when I say how much a child changes you for the better. We have had some roller coaster moments, but at the end of the day we love each other, we encourage each other, and we are so blessed.  Hope you enjoy The Kreiser Chronicles!


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